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Parang is very fresh and often quite spicy. It is always a side dish with ot without lime

Sawn Htang

Sawn Htang is a light and refreshing sour soup that is prepared more like brewing tea then cooking soup.

U Hpa

a Chicken porridge that is cooked for hours till the meat becomes very tender and falls off the bones which are removed before serving

Shat Jam

Instead of fying rice, Kachin cusine uses an healthy & delicious alternative of making a rice “salad” with many herbs mixed in.

Bahkrisi Gayau

This simple raw tomato salad is a perfect side dish to freshen up any rice & meat dishes served in a meal.

Jap Tu

Jap Tu is a general name for many variations of pounded chilis with other ingredients such as dried fish or beef, fermented soy beans & ginger just to name a few

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